We at MK Picture Car Services welcome you to our website of over 1500 vehicles. We hope it will assist you with all your filming needs. We have the largest fleet of vehicles in Canada. We are a top supplier of new, vintage, police, emergency, generic, exotic, unique or strange vehicles including anything from planes to vespas. One thing that we pride ourselves on is that we always send the best product that we possibly can. If there's a vehicle that you need that we don't have in our fleet, we have many suppliers that help us in providing what you may need. We are a full service company; graphics, graphic application, paint, interiors, glass, lighting, special braking systems, rollcages are all part of our services. We can also assist you with any of your mechanical needs as well as on set mechanics.


Our experienced flatbed operators will handle any of your needs. However if there is other transportation that you require, we can also assist you. We also offer drivers by the hour or SSE.


We have our own in house graphics department. By just sending us a PDF file of what you need. You will recieve the vehicle on set as requested.


We have a large array of props - anything from a newsstand to a half car. We also have a selection of vehicle body parts, garage supplies, compressors, battery chargers, tools, stretchers, blankets, ambulance equipment. Check our props section!


We supply all forms of lighting for vehicles as well as reflection lighting. We have many different forms of police lighting (lightbars, dash lasers, etc.) and service vehicle lights for all your needs.

Set decs:

Set decoration will often call us for burned out, rolled over or just derelict vehicles that they need. We have a large selection to choose from.

We try to keep up with web page demands by adding and deleting the product as it changes, so when you find something on our web page please keep in mind it is imperative that you call us to check that the vehicle/item is available, as things change rapidly. For any other inquiries and bookings please email or call us anytime.

(see 'contact us' page linked above.)